Germany, Norway, and UK pledge US$5 billion to save tropical forests

The governments of Germany, Norway, and the UK have pledged US$5 billion from 2015 to 2020 to protect tropical forests. The announcement, made at last year’s Climate Change Conference in Paris, makes them the biggest donors in international forest protection, according to a press release by the German Ministry of Environment (BMUB).

In return, donors are expecting developing economies to take ownership of their own plans to protecting forest lands and maintain social and ecological standards.

For example, the three donor countries have partnered with Columbia to curb deforestation by 2020. . The German ministries of environment and development will donate up to US$100 million for the project, according to the press release.

“Saving the forests is an important component of our strategy to tackle climate change”, said Barbara Hendricks, Minister of the Environment.

Gerd Müller, Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, added “there is no life without plants and no air to breathe without forests”.

A joint statement released by the three countries on 30 November said that “forest and land-use sectors can deliver as much as a third of the mitigation the world needs to 2030. Furthermore, we need to act because of the vital role forests play for livelihoods, sustainable development adaption, biodiversity, and other valuable ecosystem services they provide”.



Source: The Global Timber Forum/ Edited by Peanels & Furniture Asia