“Function is decor, and it divides the space”

Wood with warm colors can create a natural and comfortable atmosphere while dark metal can bring about a sense of privacy.

It’s what architects have done for Daodao Coffee in Chengdu, a two-storey café spanning 65sqm. Given this limited space, the designers have tried to make it an ideal space to relax by using furniture to define the space. 

 daodao coffee is a two-storey cafe in Chengdu decked with a wood-ish interior


The first floor of the cafe with a bar overlooking the street, a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

The first floor is an open area for tired shoppers to have an afternoon tea and chat.

The external bar is for those waiting for friends. Sitting at the bar, they can enjoy the general view of the square. A self-service desk is set on the second floor to supply lemonade and various ingredients for free, which naturally forms a quiet working space and a small meeting space.

There will always be someone who loves to be alone. This space is created for them.

The second floor

Considering that there is always someone who prefers to sit alone in the corner, a crossover was designed with an elevated ground to compress height and give it a cosier feel. If you like to be alone, this place can only belong to you.

Project details:

Design institution: HAD Architects & EPOS

Location: Intime City, Chengdu, China

Chief designer: Zhou Yonggang

Decoration Designer: Ningxia

Area: 65 ㎡

Year of the project: 2017

Photographer: Arch-exist Photography