FSC launches new digital campaign to promote certification in construction in North America

To better serve those interested in using responsibly-sourced wood products in construction, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has built a new FSC North American website and will soon deploy a paid media campaign to attract architects, property developers, contractors and interior designers to it.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase sourcing of FSC-certified building materials by residential and commercial builders through 1) Explaining what FSC is and why it should matter; and 2) Connecting specifiers and other purchasing decision makers with certified suppliers of FSC building materials.

The site includes information about the benefits of FSC, how to specify FSC-certified wood, how FSC standards compare to conventional forest management, and how to find FSC-certified products and suppliers.

To help visitors find FSC-certified products, FSC developed a downloadable list of FSC-certified suppliers that reliably carry FSC products in stock or by 4-week special order. 

The construction website will be continuously updated and improved as they gather performance data and audience feedback, and whenever they have any opportunity to add new FSC suppliers.