FSC launches database for Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS)

A new guide to Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS)—or Lesser Used Timber Species (LUTS) or just Lesser Known Species (LKS) – from the tropical regions of the world is now available to the timber industry.

The website and database, managed by FSC Denmark, helps users consider other timber species as an alternative to more well-known ones. These additional options encourage a more diverse marketplace to support sustainable forestry, improved pricing and regional development through the commercialisation of a greater variety of wood species. If these new species can be sourced from well managed FSC® -certified forests, the potential for sustainable long-term development is vast.

Tropical forests are often destroyed due unsustainable forestry and conversion of forests for commercial purposes. As a result even well-known timber species are being over-exploited and in danger of extinction. Bringing other wood species of commercial value to the market will relieve pressure on some of the most commonly used species.

Image: FSC