FSC introduces transaction verification for all forests in China

FSC will introduce transaction verification for all forests in China in 2020. This transaction verification will cover all FSC claims made between 1 January and 31 December 2019.

All FSC forest management certificate holders in China are required to participate.

Affected certificate holders will receive a direct notification from their certification body by 14 May 2020 with further details on requirements. The deadline for these certificate holders to submit requested transaction data is 14 June 2020.

Transaction verification is a process of comparing and then verifying all transactions within a specific product type, group or region that are claimed to be FSC certified over a given time period. FSC and its accreditation body ASI have been conducting transaction verification on supply chains with selected certificate holders since 2017. This action is a response to allegations of non-FSC certified products being inaccurately claimed as FSC certified.

Read more here about transaction verification and the data integrity of the information collected.