Freres Lumber launches new mass plywood panel beam and column line

With its new MPP (Mass Plywood Panel) beam and column line up and running, Freres Lumber Co., Inc. is now able to provide a cost-competitive MPP solution for all structural elements of large-scale wood buildings. 

Freres’ column and beam line is currently APA certified up to a 12-inch width with a 72-inch depth, but has the ability to cut product up to 24” thick. And, although the beam and column line is capable of running product up to 60 feet in length, Freres’ current press is limited to 48 feet. Freres will be seeking certification for products in those larger widths and depths in the coming months.

The patented MPP process allows for large timber dimensions to be produced from small diameter timber. The panel thicknesses are produced in 1-inch increments, starting at 2 inches thick and available up to 24 inches thick. Depending on the orientation of the beam, the 1-inch increments in thickness will occur in either the width or the depth of the product. Specific engineering data is provided in the APA product certification.

MPP is an innovative, patented engineered wood product that uses 20-30% less wood than other mass timber products. With MPP, Freres can produce large dimension timbers out of small diameter logs, and those products can be engineered to efficiently utilise the wood fibre for its highest value.