French pellet producer accepts second Dieffenbacher ClassiSizer

ClassiSizer No.1 at Biosyl’s pellet plant in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, France

Biosyl, a leader in the field of renewable energy from biomass and the production of wood pellets in France, has accepted its second ClassiSizer from Dieffenbacher. Biosyl operates one of the country’s largest pellet plants in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, about 200 kilometres south of Paris.

Ordered in 2017, the newly accepted ClassiSizer provides Biosyl with a capacity of more than 10 t/h b.d. The unit can handle heterogeneous raw materials, various chips dimensions and different wood species. Depending on the machine configuration, either dry, wet or both materials can be processed. The high-quality flakes produced by the ClassiSizer can be dried by a drum or a belt dryer in the downstream production process. Biosyl began operating its first ClassiSizer from Dieffenbacher in 2013.

“We were very satisfied with the performance of the first machine and therefore ordered the second one in 2017,” said Biosyl owner Antoine De Cockborne. “Our expectations were met. The new ClassiSizer works exactly like it should and together they make for twice the fun.”


Dieffenbacher’s ClassiSizer

In total, Dieffenbacher has delivered four ClassiSizer units to France in the last five years. ClassiSizer is the market-leading technology for the production of pellets from whole logs in France. It’s also a unique alternative for producing particleboards from specific non-conventional raw material.