Free virtual talks on key industry topics by Raute and Indonesian Wood Panel Association

RxEvent, Raute’s virtual platform that will host RxEvent South East Asia

Raute, in collaboration with the Indonesian Wood Panel Association (APKINDO), is presenting industry key topics in a free exclusive virtual event specially tailored for South East Asian audience. The virtual talks are planned to be held on 7 Oct 2021, with two available GMT+7 time slots, one at 9-11am, and the other at 2-4pm.

Keynote speakers are invited to speak about topics focused on the future and profitability of plywood production, such as “Forestry trends in South East Asia”, presented by Mr George Kuru, a professional forester and traceability expert, and “The future of veneer and plywood”, presented by Mr Wu Shengfu, general manager of Green Panel Corporation and Beijing Green Forest Certification, and vice chairman of China National Forest Product Industry Association.

Raute has also invited experts to talk about various topics that will make veneer and plywood business more profitable and smoother. For instance, Mr Antti Komulainen, a specialist in data analytics, will present on “Managing your veneer-based business with digital tools”, among three other talks. There will also be Raute product demos and virtual showrooms.

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