France seeks PEFC endorsement for the fourth time

The French Forest Certification Scheme has become the latest national forest certification system to seek PEFC endorsement for the fourth time.

France first achieved PEFC endorsement of its national system back in 2001, and now becomes the latest country to have submitted a system for re-endorsement for a third time. The country is home to over 8 million hectares of certified forest, and with over 2,000 Chain of Custody certificates, France is the world leader in PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies.

PEFC International ensures that national systems are revised regularly in multi-stakeholder processes by limiting the validity of endorsements to five years, after which they can apply for re-endorsement to continue benefitting from PEFC recognition.

As part of the endorsement process, PEFC seeks comments and feedback from all interested parties to ensure full compliance of the national systems with PEFC’s Sustainability Benchmark during a 60-day global public consultation.

Stakeholders globally are invited to provide feedback on its compliance with PEFC International’s Sustainability Benchmarks by 23 August 2016.