Forsite acquires Object Raku Technology

Forsite has purchased Object Raku Technology, further solidifying Forsite’s commitment to providing cutting-edge forest inventory products.

Object Raku has led the development of the Timber Species Identifier (TSI), a system of automated software components which analyse LiDAR data to determine the location and species of individual trees, as well as the Block Design Tool (BDT). The BDT is built on the ESRI ArcGIS engine and allows the forester to outline proposed harvest areas and determine potential profitability based on harvest cost and revenue parameters.

These technologies are changing the way business is done in the forestry sector. The integration of Object Raku partners Mike Parlow and Trevor Hooper and their staff, as well as their processes and intellectual property, will elevate Forsite’s ability to innovate and create world leading forest inventory products.

“Fully integrating Object Raku’s staff, processes, and intellectual property into Forsite’s business is an exciting step that will lead to increased rates of innovation and world leading forest inventory products. Together, Object Raku and Forsite can take LiDAR based inventories to new levels,” said Cam Brown, Strategic Planning Forester and Manager of Forsite’s Resource Management Technology Group.

“Very early in the development of the Timber Species Identifier we recognised the need for a strong forestry partner to fulfil the promise of the technology. Over the past four years we have worked closely with the Forsite team to successfully provide LiDAR forest inventories to a broad array of companies. We are excited at the new opportunities and challenges that our combined teams will solve together in the future,” added Mike Parlow, Managing Director, Object Raku Technology.