Formula 1 feeling for Schmalz’s VacuMaster Comfort

With the optimised handle in an ergonomic design and a newly designed control panel, the user can operate the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Comfort comfortably and intuitively (Photo: J. Schmalz GmbH)

Schmalz has thoroughly revised their proven vacuum lifting device – VacuMaster Comfort – for loads of up to a maximum of 750 kg. With the optimised operating unit in an ergonomic design and with a newly designed control panel, users can operate the vacuum lifting device comfortably and intuitively.

The panel for controlling all device functions and the chain hoist movement looks like the sleek steering wheel of a Formula 1 racing car. The ergonomically shaped, wide operating handle reduces the effort required for handling and enables health-conscious work. The clear design of the control unit, with its two rows of coloured buttons and symbols, allows users to clearly assign the individual functions. This reduces the risk of operating errors.

The user activates the vacuum with the green control button and deactivates it by pressing the two red switches simultaneously. The grey travel sensor controls the up and down movement of the chain hoist in two speeds each. Depending on the version, the user of the lifting aid activates the swivelling (VacuMaster Comfort 90), turning (VacuMaster Comfort 180) or rotating (VacuMaster Window Comfort) of the load with the blue button. If something should go wrong, Schmalz has installed an emergency stop switch centrally, which can be used to stop the up and down movement and, if necessary, the rotating, swivelling or turning movements.

The new control panel replaces the previous version and is available in three versions: as a rigid version; with continuously adjustable working height; or as a version for adjusting the working height as well as tilting the control panel. With the optional adjustment and tilt function, it allows ergonomic handling even in high or low positions. The control panels are part of the extensive VacuMaster Comfort modular system in different lengths.