Forestry Improvements for the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

New Zealand’s Forestry Minister Shane Jones and Climate Change Minister James Shaw proposed 12 improvements to forestry regulations under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS) in a consultation paper. 

“Expanding the forestry industry’s capacity is essential to the success of the One Billion Trees programme, and ensuring the ETS works better is an integral part of this,” said Shane Jones . 

He also said that they had listened to the sector and these improvements were another step towards making investment and participation in forestry easier and cheaper.

“Increased forestry is a vital aspect of New Zealand doing its bit to address climate change,” James Shaw said. He hopes to improve the ETS for tree-planters by making some straight-forward, practical changes soon.

He also pointed out that the proposals took into account feedback from the 2015/16 NZ ETS Review, alongside feedback from the submission of mandatory emissions returns from the 2,300 forestry participants. 

The 12 proposals include:

  • Making it necessary for forest owners with 100 hectares or more in the scheme to only update their lookup tables once every five years
  • Offer more flexibility with regards to waivers for forest owners of over 100 ha, during the collection of field data as the end of the five-yearly mandatory emissions returns draws near
  • Closing an overlooked loophole related to the deforestation of forests after 1989, and planning for its subsequent replanting and re-entry into the scheme.

The other nine proposals amend or improve technical issues, or smooth out unforeseen issues as a result of the regulations.

Source: Woodweek