Forest Stewardship Council US appoints new president

Derik Frederiksen, the new president of FSC US (Image: FSC)

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) US has selected Derik Frederiksen as their new president. An Alaska Native from the Tsm’syen Nation of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, Frederiksen brings to the role decades of business experience, a deep commitment to forest conservation and a lifelong passion for helping advance Indigenous culture to protect ancestral homelands.

Frederiksen has spent much of his career at Sealaska, the Native Corporation for Southeast Alaska. He founded Sealaska Environmental Services, growing the organization over 11 years to 110 employees with contracts valued at more than US$1.3 billion. Most recently, Frederiksen served as Sealaska’s vice president, leading corporate communications, shareholder services and education, and workforce development. During this time, Derik helped develop a 165,000-acre forest carbon bank that generated 9.3 million tonnes of carbon credits.

Frederiksen’s Tsm’syen name is Sigwinii’tsn Gayna, which translates into “Shows the path”. His family is from the village of Gitlaan, which means People of the Stern Canoe. His pteex (clan) is Gispwudwada (main crests are the killer whale and grizzly bear) and waap (house) is the House of Niiuks.

Sarah Billig, co-chair of FSC US board, said, “As we got to know Derik, we were so impressed by the way he has tied together commitments to forests and people throughout his career. Coupled with his business experience at Sealaska, Derik’s vision and demonstrated ability to successfully grow organizations is the right fit for a moment when FSC is presented with so much opportunity.”

Frederiksen commented: “FSC has so much potential, especially in the face of climate change and the role that forests play as natural climate solutions. The DNA of FSC is very strong, and I want to make it even more relevant to a wide range of audiences.

“I am excited about the ways FSC aligns with my desire to support Indigenous Peoples while building a sustainable world.”

Frederiksen will start in his new role on 14 Feb 2022.