Forest Stewardship Council® Malaysia launches National Consultative Group

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) has announced that FSC Malaysia’s Board of Directors has approved a framework for a National Consultative Group. The group brings together interested parties and stakeholders from all sectors related to forests and the forest industry in Malaysia.

The objective of the National Consultative Group is to develop a position paper that will present a national response to the FSC Policy on Conversion by providing insights/views and opinion on how the FSC Policy on Conversion will impact Malaysian forests, Malaysian people, and forest-related industries.


At FSC’s General Assembly 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 7 recognising the strategic importance of addressing the issues around conversion of natural forest-related ecosystems to plantations and the need for alignment of the diverse ways in which conversion is treated in different parts of the FSC normative framework.

Structure of the National Consultative Group

The National Consultative Group, which is intended to represent the full range of forest interests, comprises:

(a) Consultative Panel: A six (6)-member Consultative Panel, each representing an “Interest Cluster”, who is expected to consider the context and implications of the FSC Policy on Conversion for Malaysia and document a response formed through discussions with their respective interest-cluster members. A Technical Facilitator will coordinate the technical discussions, and assist in drafting the final Position Paper.

(b) Consultative Assembly: An eighteen (18)-member Consultative Assembly of “Interest Clusters” (including the Consultative Panel members), encompassing the range of interests and impacts of the forest industry on Malaysia, as discussion groups for the Consultative Panel members.

(c) Technical Facilitator: who will facilitate the technical deliberations of the Consultative Panel, as well as prepare and compile the final Position Paper.

(d) Consultation Coordinator: who will manage the Consultative Panel, and facilitate all its meetings and proceedings.

(e) Advisory Committee: whose role is to provide support, technical advice and other relevant input into the project. The Advisory Committee shall comprise:

  • A member of FSC Malaysia Board of Directors
  • A member of the Malaysian Standards Development Group
  • Technical Facilitator
  • Consultation Coordinator

Advisory Committee members

The FSC Malaysia Board of Directors has approved the appointments of the Advisory Committee members, as follows:

  • Kevin Grace, FSC Malaysia Board of Directors
  • Yii Tan Chang, Malaysian Standards Development Group
  • Anthony Sebastian, Technical Facilitator
  • Charmaine Chee, Consultation Coordinator

Open call for Consultative Panel Members

FSC Malaysia is seeking candidates for the six (6)-members of the Consultative Panel. The Consultative Panel is expected to actively participate in, and contribute to, the process of developing a position paper on a Malaysian response to the FSC Policy on Conversion.

The Terms of Reference provides details on the structure and establishment of the Consultative Panel (selection criteria, tasks and responsibilities) and the approach to document the positive and negative impacts of the FSC Policy on Conversion on Malaysia.

How to apply

Candidates are invited to submit a completed application form to FSC Malaysia at by 7 June 2021. Successful candidates will be required to sign the Terms of Reference as formal acceptance of appointment as member of the Consultative Panel.

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