Forest carbon accelerator Treevive launched

Treevive, a forest carbon accelerator, was launched to close the gap between forest landscape projects in need of financial solutions and companies and investors in search of bankable forestry projects.

Initiated by Form International, a management, investment and consulting firm in the forestry industry, Treevive aims to develop 30 over investable tropical forest carbon landscape projects and connect them to climate finance to conserve, restore, and sustainably manage two million hectares of tropical forest landscapes that sequester 30 megatonne of CO2 by 2030.

Despite the potential of forests to mitigate climate change and halt biodiversity loss, forest landscapes are still underfunded, while simultaneously an increasing number of companies and investors have ambitious climate and biodiversity commitments.

Treevive hence supports tropical forest project owners with funding and technical assistance to accelerate the development of the carbon asset of their project.

The project will also reportedly guide to market the results of these projects, including their biodiversity and local community’s benefits, by offering companies that want to offset their unavoidable CO2 emissions high-quality carbon credits, and investors bankable forest landscape projects.

Paul Hol, CEO of Form International, commented: “In this way we want to channel climate finance to where it is most needed. This is a call for action to investors and companies to join us to accelerate long-term climate finance for the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of tropical forests.”

According to the press release by Treevive, the team behind Treevive have already engaged with the first investors and projects.