Forest and Wood Products Australia launches new website

Forest and Wood Products Australia has launched a new website and online store for The Ultimate Renewable where the industry and public can access information on the environmental and social advantages of forestry and wood, reported by Australia’s Timber & Forest enews.

The website showcases forestry’s sustainable narrative, providing a wide range of information and resources on topics including the greenhouse effect, certification schemes and designing with wood.

The site also features a forum for industry-related news and events, as well as a suite of educational videos.

In addition to education, the new site provides an opportunity for industry members to help promote the brand through purchasing merchandise at cost price through the online store.

The store features products ranging from cooler bags and coasters to hats and shirts.

National marketing and communications manager Eileen Newbury said there was excitement for the campaign’s evolution, aiming to encourage greater acceptance of the sector.

“The new website is a great achievement, providing more opportunities to champion a cause that will benefit everyone,” Ms Newbury said.

“The informational content highlights the environmental benefits of sustainably sourced wood, celebrates those who work with it, and offers advice for best practice in designing and building with wood products.

“We are also really looking forward to seeing members sporting the apparel and other merchandise available.”