Folk Culture Centre by Lacime Architects

The project is located in the Jiashan High Speed Rail New Town, a town with water streets.

The new Water Street rivals the old streets of Xitang. The new area follows the traditional Chinese-style and adopts the Jiangnan ancient architectural style. The folk culture centre, which is meant to be an iconic building, is built using modern construction methods and structural nodes to interpret the spiritual core of the traditional Jiangnan Water Village, so that both the material form and spirit can be achieved.

The architecture preserved the space layout of Huizhou architecture which is usually surrounded by water on four sides. The four sides refer to the hall, taking water as the pulse, taking street as the outline, taking courtyard as the principle. Through the blocks, the roof of the building and the landscape of plants, it creates “Garden” – “Wall” – “Gallery” – “Hall” within the space, which integrates an image of “a house in the garden and a house in the house” and expresses a euphemistic poetry in a simplistic way.

At the entrance hall, walls and buildings form a water courtyard and trees are dotted among them. Walk on the hydrophilic stone steps, which seems to float above the water surface. The softness of the water collides with the rigid lines of the architecture.

The using of wood brightens up and adds a lightness to the building. The delicate textured texture contrasts sharply with the rough cave stone walls, and provides an unpretentious and calm ambience.

Exquisite metal lattices and louvered grids are used to reinterpret the windows of traditional buildings, reigniting people’s memories of the traditional past.

(Images courtesy of Qianxi Zhang)