Flooring manufacturers shift focus to China’s lower tier cities

Sales of wooden flooring in China rose four percent to 396.8 million square metres in 2016, according to the Flooring Special Committee within the China National Forestry Products Industry Association.

Of the total, sales of solid wood flooring grew 10 percent to 43.9 million square metres, composite wooden flooring was up nine percent to 104.5 million square metres, laminated flooring rose 2 percent to 210.5 million square metres with a 7percent growth in sales of other wooden flooring. Bamboo flooring sales fell 3 percent.

In recent years the domestic market for wooden flooring has moved to lower tier cities as key urban areas become saturated. Manufacturers have thus been forced to look to new markets.

China’s sales of wooden flooring are rising but analysts point out that the number of large and medium-sized enterprises is relatively small compared to the number of small companies that accounted for almost 90 percent the wooden flooring industry output last year.