First wooden skyscraper proposed in Africa wins inaugural WAFX Prize

Designed by Hermann Kamte & Associates, Lagos’ Wooden Tower, the first wooden skyscraper to be proposed in Africa, aims to improve the living conditions of the residents in the city of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

Recognised as one of the world’s most forward-looking architectural concepts, it won the Best Cultural Identity project of the year at the inaugural WAFX Prize along with the Rethinking the Future Awards 2017. The project was also a finalist at the World Architecture Festival 2017.

With a focus on numerous questions such as “How can the roof of today be the plot of tomorrow?”, “How can a new city be built on above the existing one?”, and “What is the plan for the future?”, the project took the city’s bountiful forest resources and timber production into account in order to reinvent an urban fabric with the hypothesis of a solution as well as sustainable construction of wood.

The tower is built such that there are three blocks above an existing structure, with the envelope of each block – which doubles as sunscreen beyond its cultural significance – corresponding with a particular Yoruba tribal symbol. Although each separate block is made up of six stories, the blocks are all connected to each other.


Architects: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Location: City of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Year of completion: Ongoing