First textbook in wood frame structure design published in China

The China Architecture & Building Press has recently published the Introduction to Modern Wood Frame Structure Design, a textbook that will be the first one dedicated to modern wood frame structure design for Chinese architecture students. The publication is a part of the civil engineering textbook development plan of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD). It was authored by Dr Xu Penghong and Dr Wu Jianmei from the renowned School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology.

The textbook contains eight chapters which provide a systematic introduction to wood frame structures, including the use of wood, component connection, small- and medium-sized wood structures, large-span wood structures, multi-storey wood structures, maintenance of wood buildings, and designs that amplify the characteristics of wood structures. Through case studies on different architectural buildings worldwide, it showcases a variety of wood structure applications and designs. The Wood Innovation Design Center in Prince George, British Columbia, is used as an example to illustrate a wood-frame building with shear walls.

As more architecture schools in China offer courses in wood frame construction and design, there has been an increasing demand for quality textbooks, teaching materials and learning resources. As part of market development programmes in China, Canada Wood also works together with MOHURD and industry experts to develop technical guides on areas such as Near Net Zero Energy Performance for wood frame construction, Guide to Good Practice, Prefabrication Manuals and an illustrated guide for Glue Laminated Timber (GLT), with programmes that span college education, vocational training and technology transfers.

The Introduction to Modern Wood Frame Structure Design offers essential knowledge for architectural design with wood for students, and represents an important step forward for the development of wood frame construction education in China.

Source: Forestry Innovation Investment