First Rosenheim LIGNA.Conference cancelled

The first Rosenheim LIGNA.Conference slated to be held from 1-2 Jun 2022 has been cancelled, according to a press release by LIGNA.

“At this stage it is unfortunately not possible to host an event that would be satisfactory for all participating parties,” said Stephanie Wagner, head of LIGNA. “The ebbing but still remaining effects of the Corona crisis, an ongoing hesitancy to travel among companies, and most of all full schedules due to postponed events and a resulting event density in the summer months are unfavourable circumstances for the first Rosenheim LIGNA.Conference.”

LIGNA also reported that priorities continue to shift due to disrupted supply chains, material shortages as well as resource availability. The target group of the LIGNA.Conference is currently heavily involved in the dynamic and challenging daily business, which meant limited capacities are available to pursue strategic topics of the conference.

Topics planned for LIGNA.Conference will now be covered at LIGNA 2023, which will take place in Hannover, Germany from 15-19 May 2023.

“We regret that the good cooperation with Deutsche Messe and the LIGNA team did not result in the event we had hoped for, which would also have meant great added value for our students and our network,” concluded Andreas Heinzmann from Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences.