Finnish softwood enjoys warmth and comfort under the Moroccan sun

Finnish lumber company Lunawood began a new partnership with Revetou Sarl in Casablanca, Morocco, this year, and things are looking up for both in the North African country.

Some of the first few projects have been completed, such as the Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach and Spa hotel in Tangier. Lunawood’s Thermowood was chosen for this project for its beauty and durability.

The luxury hotel leader‘s stunning architecture, chic modern design is set to wow visitors from the onset. Wood, as a natural material, is trendy for modern architecture, according to Janne Heikkinen, sales director of Lunawood.

Furthermore, as Morocco is known to be hot and humid, “it is not easy to find suitable natural wood material for these weather conditions. Lunawood Thermowood has very attractive natural outlook, and is proven to be technically strong in conditions,” said Othman Aiouche, managing director of Revetour Sarl.

Morocco is one of the biggest potential markets for Lunawood in the outdoor furniture segment. Construction in the North African country is robust with numerous hospitality projects ongoing.

Mr Heikkinen said, “We are extremely happy to develop business in Morocco together with Revetou. We are certain that we can rapidly increase the usage of Lunawood Thermowood products in projects, especially for exterior claddings.” 

Mr Aiouche added, “For demanding projects it is important to be able to offer right product in right time at an affordable price. With Lunawood Thermowood, this is possible, as we have a long experience in construction. Our own stock holding and wide logistic network in the country guarantee on-time deliveries.”