Finland’s new environmental programme promotes sustainable forestry

Finland’s forest industry has launched a new Forest Environment Program, a research and development project to improve forest-based industry’s everyday operations. The Program also aims to evaluate the impact of current forest management methods on forest environment, as well as take action on the research conducted. The research also aims at creating new, cost-effective measures to take into account the forest environment.

“We are about to kick off a major research project studying the impacts of forestry and nature management in commercial forests. Eventually, the results create a basis for future actions. In addition, we will participate in, and further improve, an ongoing research project on sustainable forestry practices in peatlands. Moreover, we will come up with a guide which aims at increasing the amount of decaying wood in commercial forests, and develop alternatives for the existing subsidies for preserving nature,” said Senior Adviser Inka Musta from the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

“Growing bio-economy challenges all operators in the industry. Thanks to the programme, there will be more knowledge and new approaches available for the whole sector. The equilibrium between ecological, social and economic sustainability will hold in the future as well. Forestry in Finland is world class measured in ecological sustainability, but we can and will further improve it,” concluded Forest Director Tomi Salo from the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.