Finland unveils first PEFC-certified building project

Mäihä in Finland is the first PEFC Project certified building


Mäihä, a new wooden apartment block in Finland will be unveiled at the Seinäjoki Housing Fair this July, making it the first PEFC Project certified building.

“We are pleased that the first Nordic PEFC construction project is in Finland,” said Auvo Kaivola, secretary general of PEFC Finland. “There have already been several good examples of PEFC Project Certification, including Kingsgate House, a certified apartment block in the UK, and the Winter Universiade in Italy.”

PEFC Project Certification enables building constructors to contribute positively to environmental conservation and economic sustainability.

Mäihä will be built from modules made of PEFC-certified cross laminated timber (CLT) assembled in Stora Enso’s mill. The modules are prefabricated in Hartola mill, and ready for assembly in the construction site. The prefabricated elements include windows, doors and kitchen units.

“Population growth and urbanisation, as well as raising awareness on environmental and climate issues, increase the urge for sustainable and climate friendly wood-based construction,” said Petri Perttula, head of Building Solutions at Stora Enso.

Once built, and only after an audit by an independent third party to ensure the project meets PEFC’s exacting requirements, will the building receive a PEFC certificate.

“As pioneers in wood construction in Finland, we wanted to be the first company to achieve PEFC project certification,” said Timo Mantila, CEO of Lakea Oy, the company responsible for the construction of the building. “The use of CLT elements offers many opportunities and guarantees, among other things, the rapid erection of the building. We want to develop wood construction practices in Finland.”

In addition to its use as a construction material, wood will play an important role throughout the site, including the decoration of the individual apartments.


Text and images: PEFC International