Finland celebrates timber’s expressiveness

In an environmentally-conscious answer by Lukkaroinen Architects, the material and structural design for the Pudasjärvi Wood Campus in Oulu, Finland, emphasises the potential large-scale structural timber contains.

Featuring a primary structure made of assembled logs, there are also three types of unconventional pillars specially made up of laminated wood in various areas.

Structural walls are constructed of laminated wood, with the exception of the north-west wing, where reinforced concrete was instead utilised for the civil defence shelter as indicated by regulations.

Exterior log walls – 275mm each – keep the interior insulated against the searing summers and harsh winters. Glulam pillars and beams support the roofs of the main hall, and cross laminated timber (CLT) elements are used in the intermediate floors and banisters in the main hall stairways.

An extraordinary feature of the campus is the pleasant auditory interior acoustics created by the log walls. When combined with the harmonious appearance and agreeable scent of wood, the building altogether offers an excellent learning environment for its students.


Architects: Lukkaroinen Architects Ltd
Location: Pudasjärvi, Oulu, Finland
Year of completion: 2016
Photo credits: RA Studio/Raimo Ahonen