FEP launches Parquet Refinishable Programme to promote refinishing of parquet flooring

FEP-certified Refinishable logo: Available for use on all certified refinishable products (Image: FEP)

The European Parquet Federation (FEP) has launched the Parquet Refinishable Programme, which is a voluntary certification programme designed to identify parquet products with wear/top layers thick enough to be refinished, and produce a list of certified refinishable parquet products to aid manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, and end users in their decision making processes.

The aim is to promote parquet which is at least twice re-sandable with its minimum 2.5mm real wood top-layer. By this initiative, FEP wants to put forward this inherent advantage of parquet compared to other floorings.

Parquet is a long-life wood product whose durability can be extended through refinishing. Refinishing also allows renovation to update colour and style of the parquet.

This programme has been developed in cooperation with the National Wood Floors Association (NWFA), who have recently launched their NWFA Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishable Programme. To encourage an international norm, both programs are aligned.

According to the statement by FEP, the requirements for manufacturers to partake in the programme are as follows:

  1. The manufacturer must be a member of FEP in good standing.
  2. In accordance with the FEP statutes, the manufacturer should have its headquarters and production in Europe, prove that it has a sufficiently large production and that it manufactures parquet floors in accordance with approved standards in Europe.
  3. In addition, FEP may offer certification reciprocity for products certified by associations or federations outside of Europe that administer refinishability certification programmes that substantially align with the FEP Parquet Refinishable Programme. For instance, manufacturers who certify products to the NWFA Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishable Programme can apply to participate in the FEP’s Parquet Refinishable Programme and reversely.

The product requirements are as follows:

  1. Although the programme was developed primarily for multilayer parquet products, wood flooring products that fall into the solid parquet definition are eligible.
  2. Unfinished parquet should have a minimum top layer thickness of 3.2mm.
  3. Factory finished parquet should have a minimum top layer thickness of 2.5mm.
  4. Sculpted or distressed parquet should have a minimum top layer of 2.5mm, and be evaluated on a product-by-product basis due to the variation in the surface wear layer of these products.
  5. The product must be installed according to the manufacturers installation instructions.
  6. The manufacturer must recommend the attachment of the parquet product to a sub-floor as an acceptable installation method.
  7. The end user must use the flooring product for its intended use, maintain temperature and humidity levels year-round, and follow a maintenance routine using proper maintenance products as required by the flooring and finish manufacturers.