exploreSiempelkamp: Siempelkamp’s digital platform goes live

In May 2021, the registration phase for Siempelkamp’s digital, future-oriented content platform exploreSiempelkamp was launched. The first content level has now been launched, and customers, partners, industry experts and media representatives can now discover exciting and visionary content on the topics of sustainability, digitalisation and complete plant competence on https://explore.siempelkamp.com.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make direct contact with business partners difficult, central trade fair events such as LIGNA 2021 have been postponed. It quickly became clear that Siempelkamp had to find a new way to continue the extremely important exchange with customers and partners from the wood-based panel industry via an innovative content platform.

Content levels

exploreSiempelkamp is the guiding principle with which the Siempelkamp Group clearly positions two central megatrends in the market, sustainability and digitalisation, in addition to its strength as a supplier of complete plants for the wood-based panel industry. These topics are presented on four content levels: The first level provides an overarching, globally relevant insight into the respective topic, followed successively and logically by the specific industry reference. With levels three and four Siempelkamp focuses on its specific products and services. This creates excitement – for example, the introduction to the topic “complete plant competence” is an interview which introduces all relevant insides of watch manufacturing where all individual parts fit together in a harmonised manner. All present and future content will be shown in a diversified multimedia mix. Interviews, videos, presentations and talk panels are included, as well as vivid scrollytelling sequences or upcoming “Ask the Expert” sessions.

Industry synergy: exploreSiempelkamp meets LIGNA.Innovation Network

From 27 September 2021, exploreSiempelkamp will be complemented by the participation in the digital event LIGNA.Innovation Network, organised by Deutsche Messe AG and the VDMA Woodworking Machinery Association. This virtual event attracts international LIGNA visitors for three days, thus creating the perfect synergy for exploreSiempelkamp. From this point on, those content levels will be activated, which deal specifically with the wood-based panel industry and Siempelkamp‘s technologies.

“The extremely positive response to our campaign and the numerous registrations prove that exploreSiempelkamp arouses curiosity. With the first content level we are now setting the first milestones and are looking forward to gradually introducing all registered ‘explorers’ to the megatrends of our industry as well as Siempelkamp’s core competencies,” said Dr Martin Stark, Chief Executive Officer of the Siempelkamp Group.

Siempelkamp will continue its content platform beyond the LIGNA event in the future.

“After the LIGNA.Innovation Network exploreSiempelkamp will remain as an exclusive communication channel and will be continuously expanded to anchor our strengths in the market. Sustainability, our contribution to the careful use of natural resources – digitalisation, which increases cost-efficiency and optimises product quality – complete plant competence, the perfection in the interaction of all of Siempelkamp’s individual services in every part of our value chain,” explained Samiron Mondal, Managing Director of Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH.