EXCITECH to expand sales and service locations

EXCITECH, the renowned Chinese engineering company expands its sales and service locations. The company expands with a sales and service company for the European region based in Germany. The responsible partner company ATROGO GmbH, relies on a market-oriented engineering department in addition to the clear specifications for the technological equipment of the machines. In other words, the requirements of the European markets with regard to the latest technologies and superior intelligence are developed and specified directly at ATROGO GmbH in order to then be implemented into the production of the systems.


State-of-the-art products

“The wide range of high quality products includes solutions for board storage equipment, panel saws, nesting machines, edge banding machines, 5- and 6-side drilling machines, machining centers, 5-axis machines and other systems for the panelboard industry and woodworking applications, as well as special processing techniques and key applications,” said Burkhard Sydow, Managing Partner of ATROGO GmbH.

“Quality is never outsourced. That’s why we invested a lot in our own production facility. All our products, from the most economical to the most complex, are precisely engineered and manufactured and controlled in-house to ensure the high standards a company such as EXCITECH builds. The entire production process of each machine for the European market is coordinated by the developers of ATROGO GmbH and carefully and systematically controlled on site during manufacturing in order to achieve the guaranteed precision and quality.”

Burkhard Sydow is very familiar with quality. His many years of experience as a technology and sales expert in the Homag Group and Managing Director of the IMA Group sales and service division Asia Pacific, he does not settle for half things and therefore controls the same level of material quality and reliability in all EXCITECH products.

 Your needs, our driving force!

We also adapt solutions to your needs. Whether start-up companies or small businesses with cost-efficient production or established large companies looking for highly automated systems – EXCITECH always has solutions for your production needs.

Such as, the redevelopment of the edge complete machining of hot-air edges on an oblique edge surface at an angle of 30 to 48 degrees.

Realized on an edgebander including finish-processing in combination with the commercial EVA or PUR gluing on request. ( see photo )

We are committed to making your business a success by providing economically computable, tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals.

The seamless integration of our machines with intelligent control systems and software for industrial automation improves the competitive advantage of our customers.


Global presence, local reach

EXCITECH has been proven by its successful presence in over 90 countries worldwide. Backed by a strong sales and marketing network and technical support teams that are well trained and committed to providing the best possible service to our partners, EXCITECH has a worldwide reputation as one of the most reliable and effective suppliers of CNC machine solutions Developed.

In EXCITECH we are not just a production company. We are business consultants and business partners.Our technical know – how, our quality products, our state – of – the – art manufacturing facilities, our strength in customer service, our competent sales consultancy and our commitment to research and business development – all this is presented to our business partners worldwide.

EXCITECH europe opens their showroom on 26 and 27 September 2018 in Geislingen Germany.

Blütenweg 8
72351 Geislingen (Binsdorf)