Evoking an ancient rhyme with an ancient house, the Sky Tea House is a fairyland

In Fuzhou, enjoying tea is common in daily life. Tea houses of various styles can be found in the city, under tiled roofs or shade provided by trees. But the Sky Tea House, ancient and refreshing, is a quiet haven in the middle of a busy environment, counting time slowly, gently and gracefully.

Solemn and quiet, but with a breath of some modernity, the tea house also acknowledges and reorganises the relationship between the traditional and modern, and between man and space.

The tea cellars and the tea rooms are independent but also integrated, the wood structure transcending space and imbuing the feel of the house with a strong sense of ceremony, encouraging people to seek inner peace.


Location: Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China
Date of completion: January 2018
Design company: DC Design
Photographer: Wu Yongchang