European parquet market sees declining consumption figures

Image: Peter Herrmann/Unsplash

Based on information obtained from its member companies and national associations, the European Parquet Federation (FEP) has estimated that the overall consumption figures on the European parquet market for the year 2022 are declining by 8.2% compared to 2021.

After a booming year 2021, during which the European consumption of parquet rose by 6.2% and reached a level not seen since 10 years, consumption of parquet decreased on almost all European markets in 2022, especially during H2 2022 when compared to the same period in 2021.

The boost coming from renovation has reached an end while the impact of the decrease in new buildings construction, reflecting increasing costs and interest rates, will be really felt in 2023-2024.

Even so, the results show variations from country to country. With the exceptions of Sweden, which presents a flat market — although they are expecting a deep reduction in 2023, reflecting the collapse of new buildings — and Switzerland which shows an increase by 9% of its parquet consumption, the rest of the European countries are reporting falling markets. This is especially the case in Austria, France and Germany with double-digit decreases.

FEP emphasised that this evaluation should be seen as a preliminary forecast and is the result of best estimates discussed with member country representatives at the recent FEP Board meeting held in FEP premises in Brussels.

The complete data should be communicated in June 2023 during its general assembly in Barcelona. The FEP’s 67th general assembly and 47th Parquet Congress are scheduled from 15-16 Jun 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.