European flooring shipments to USA rise in April

The United States bought less hardwood flooring in April, with imports declining 5 per cent to US$2.5 million. Shipments of assembled flooring panels however rose four per cent to US$10.4 million. Imports of both types of wood flooring were up year-to-date imports compared to April 2016.

Hardwood flooring imports from most suppliers, except Canada, declined in April. Imports from Indonesia fell one-third in April to US$588,798. Normally a small hardwood flooring supplier to the US market, Denmark shipped US$315,044 worth of flooring in April. At US$2.7 million, Europe was the third-largest supplier in April after Canada and China.

Imports of assembled flooring panels (including engineered hardwood flooring) from China, Canada and Europe increased in April, while imports from Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil declined.