Eumabois elects new board

Jurgen Koppel, Eumabois President and CEO of Leitz GmbH & Co. KG (right) and Luigi de Vito, Eumabois Vice President and Director of SCM Group Machinery Division.


The new board, elected at Eumabois General Assembly from 8 to 9 September in Luzern hosted by the Swiss Association, is as follows:

Mr Jürgen Köppel – President (VDMA Woodworking)

Mr Luigi De Vito – Vice President (ACIMALL)

Mr Samuel Hänni – Member (Swiss Association, HBT)

Mr Wolfgang Rohner – Member (Austrian Association, FMMI)

Mr Mustafa Sabri Erol – Member (Turkish Association, AIMSAD)

Mr Erich Zeller – Auditor (Swiss Association, HBT)


The new President, Mr Jürgen Köppel currently serves as the CEO at Leitz GmbH & Co. KG. He will contribute his longstanding experience in the woodworking industry, having covered several key roles in Homag Group AG. Mr Luigi De Vito, Director SCM Group Machinery Division, will support the board with his international experience as Vice President.

Three new Board members, Mr Mustafa Sabri Erol (from Törk Makine A.S.), Mr Samuel Hänni (Lamello AG) and Mr Wolfgang Rohner (Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH) complete the new team with their industry background and strong support from their associations. Mr Erich Zeller, as Auditor, will contribute his financial expertise from a long career in Lamello and in Eumabois.

Mr Köppel acknowledged the fruitful work of the previous board. He said, “The new board can build on a solid worldwide network and reputation. We will continue to strive for a strong and successful European industry with an international orientation”.

In addition to an exhibition focus, the association intends to represent the industry as one voice.