Emulco creates AquaVeg bio-wax emulsion for wood panels suitable for eco-buildings

Emulco introduces their new AquaVeg bio-emulsion at the IPPS (Image: Emulco)

Emulco, a provider of emulsions, has announced the introduction of its AquaVeg bio-emulsion for the panelboard industry.

The emulsion specialist succeeded in combining its AquaVeg water-based bio-emulsion with formaldehyde free bio-based binders to produce zero-emission panelboards.

Recently, Emulco and the bio-based adhesives producer Sestec, showcased the zero-emission panels at the industry leading International Panel Products Symposium (IPPS), organised by the BioComposites Center of Bangor University.

According to Emulco, both medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and particleboard panels treated with Emulco’s and Sestec’s products passed lab and production tests with “flying colors”.

Particleboards and MDF boards treated with the bio-based solution reached comparable or even better scores to panels treated with mineral wax emulsions in terms of internal bond strength (IB), modulus of rupture (MOR) and water resistance.

All panels produced with AquaVeg emulsion have demonstrated equal or better performances in thickness swelling and water absorption compared to mineral wax emulsions.

Since neither the bio-based adhesive nor AquaVeg emulsion contain formaldehyde, the only remaining formaldehyde emissions are the ones produced by the wood itself.

Emulco’s AquaVeg is a family of water-based emulsions made from vegetable waxes. They are a sustainable alternative for mineral wax emulsions, because they are bio-degradable and with zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Now that lab and industry tests are finalised, Emulco has started the commercialisation of its emulsion towards environmentally conscious producers of wood panels in order to bring the new environmentally friendly panels to the market.

Emulco reported that several negotiations are currently ongoing, which means that the zero-emission wood panels might be available on the market in the mid-long term.

Construction companies and developers in the ever growing segment of eco-buildings and the health infrastructure sector are natural partners for the use of the new bio-based panels.

Besides traditional panel board products, Emulco’s AquaVeg emulsions have also been successfully introduced as a top coating for laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other construction materials.

“The possibility to treat MDF and particleboards with a formaldehyde-free combination of our AquaVeg bio-emulsions and bio binders is a great accomplishment of Emulco’s and Sestec’s R&D capabilities,” said Jean Vanhoebost, CEO of Emulco.

“The market opportunities are huge, because eco-building is quickly becoming a leading trend in the construction sector. We are proud to contribute to a more sustainable wood and construction sector.”