Dubai WoodShow renews 5-year partnership with EUMABOIS

The Dubai WoodShow has renewed its agreement with the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS), a non-profit organisation which represents European woodworking manufacturers from 14 national associations and 2 single members.

“Our agreement with EUMABOIS, a federation that accounts for more than 56% of the world’s output of woodworking machinery, not only boosts the position of Dubai WoodShow globally, but also transfers industry development and knowledge in the fields of technology and science,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO, Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions, organiser of the Dubai WoodShow. “The Woodshow in Dubai represents an ideal meeting place for the industry players worldwide, and presents a significant opportunity for European manufacturers who wish to tap into the Middle East’s growing market.”

The Dubai Wood Show in April will feature an extensive European line-up. EUMABOIS will give access to wood associations including FMMI from Austria, SVDSZ from Czech Republic, SMT from Denmark, The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries from Finland, SYMOP from France, VDMA from Germany, ACIMALL from Italy, DROMA from Poland, AIMMAP – UNIMAP Division from Portugal, DREVMASH from Russia, ZSDSR from Slovak Republic, AFEMMA from Spain, HBT from Switzerland, AIMSAD from Turkey, ROBLAND BVBA from Belgium, and MPM from Lithuania.

“Many trade visitors at the Dubai WoodShow clinch major deals on new woodworking machinery and benefit from the competitive business environment. We have seen local manufacturers interact with European companies for supply not only of machinery, but also timber raw materials,” added Al Shezawi.

This year the Dubai WoodShow will also feature two new pavilions—Turkey and India—on top of seven national pavilions—USA, Spain, France, Malaysia, Sweden, Canada, and China.

The European woodworking machinery and tool industry grew 9.4% in revenue to EUR 5.86 billion in 2014, according to the Association’s annual report. Germany and Italy account for 45% and 29% of total revenue respectively. The industry comprises more than 1000 companies and employs more than 35,000. 


Image: Dubai WoodShow