DoubleHelix, Bluenumber and Sourcemap launch timber traceability platform

Combining traceability, verification, and visualisation, the timber traceability platform being introduced by DoubleHelix in partnership with Sourcemap and Bluenumber makes critical supply chain information available to different stakeholders:

  • Compliance and procurement officers can organise huge volumes of supply chain data and due diligence evidence.
  • Company leaders can quickly understand supply chain risk.
  • ESG investors or regulatory authorities can evaluate sustainability metrics.
  • Consumers can explore where their wood products come from.

DoubleHelix, Bluenumber and Sourcemap have a common objective to help leaders in the industry be confident in the products they bring to market. This is achieved through better visibility, understanding, and control of their supply chain practices. The new Timber Traceability Platform enables a full suite of services including traceability, verification, and presentation in a stunning database visualisation.

DoubleHelix provides supply chain discovery, risk assessment, mitigation, and verification services to buyers of wood products. On-the-ground experts check supply chain practices, supported by a suite of scientific tools such as DNA and isotope testing to independently verify data. Bluenumber brings technical expertise to digitise, analyse and ensure confidentiality of supply chain data through blockchain, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. Sourcemap provides the platform to present, visualise and communicate complex supply chain data in a simple, accessible and attractive format.

Chief Executive Officer of DoubleHelix, Darren Thomas shares, “This partnership helps our customers to not only manage and analyse huge amounts of supply chain data but also respond to growing calls from consumers, investors and regulators to demonstrate better knowledge and control of their global supply chains. It provides our customers with access to the latest technologies, safe in the knowledge that they are tailored to the needs of the industry. We hope that, as more and more people start to appreciate where their wood products come from, we kick-start a virtuous cycle that drives up the demand for responsibly sourced wood products, and increases the value of the forests that produce them.”