Digitization in craft shops – combined with perfectly invisible joints

Continuously higher demands for quality as well as high expectations regarding customization and versatility have made digital solutions essential in the branch today. Protracted setup operations on edgebanders can be optimized for maximum profit and productivity using intelligent technology. Properly utilized, digital processes facilitate work in craft shops and industrial applications to the maximum.

HOLZ-HER’s high end line, the LUMINA 4.0 Edition, is a burst of innovation with clear, measurable customer benefits.

The machine simply scans the individual QR code and switches over to the required edge processing mode fully automatically. During this process, highly differing machining operations, pressure settings and various types of edging are taken into consideration automatically. This allows production of orders with highly differing lot sizes with extremely short setup times. Setup errors and reject quotas are reduced to a minimum.

The LUMINA 4.0 Edition uses patented cutters with Air Stream technology, distinguished by extremely low noise emission. Chips are evacuated with lightening speed by the integrated blast nozzles, thus eliminating double machining and significantly increasing cutter service life. Moreover the new HSK chucks ensure perfectly concentric operation, eliminating long-term wear to motor, bearing and cutter.

A new feature at HOLZ-HER is the multiple magazine, capable of feeding in laser edging as well as conventional edging fully automatically. This ensures that the proper edging material is aways selected for the operation in progress. The magazine has six different standard edging channels capable of handling all edging thicknesses and heights independently. If desired, the magazine can also be upgraded to include six additional channels for laser edging. Moreover it even offers a “joker”, i.e. an additional free channel for “occasional edging”. This provides absolute flexibility for smaller jobs “in between” without interrupting the established sequence for the multiple magazine. And it also allows automatic cycling between various channels, making it possible, for example, for you to fill channels 1 and 2 with identical edging material. As soon as channel 1 is empty, it switches over to channel 2 automatically, allowing continuous production without interruptions.

The “large” Glu Jet 2K was developed especially for professional processing of large quantities of granulated PUR or EVA adhesive. The Glu Jet 2K allows use of the more economical, standard, commercially available 2 kg PUR glue cartridges.  This investment amortizes itself quickly for companies using more than approx. 500 kg of PUR glue per year, i.e. customers with an average glue consumption of approx. 2 kg per day. The gluing station is conceived as a change-over station with HSK adapter and can be removed with the change-over carriage, making it even simpler to clean the glue application nozzle.

Moreover, thanks to the plug & play HSK mount, it can be equipped with additional glue application stations. The innovative control recognizes the specific equipment fully automatically. If desired, an LTronic unit is also available for laser edging. This allows virtually all types of edging and adhesives available on the market to be processed in excellent quality within a maximum of 3 minutes.

The new, intelligent operator guidance on the LUMINA 4.0 Edition ensures even more intuitive adjustment of all cutter and shaper machining operations than in the past. At all times, the operator can identify which corrections need to be made in which direction on a graphic display. The values for tool feed entered on the control unit are converted fully automatically to the actual axis values in the background. This makes sample workpieces a thing of the past.

“Setup in the gap” is one of the major themes for efficient edging operations. “Set-up in the gap” enables different machining processes to be run at the same time on the edgebander. For example, the corner rounding unit or pivoting of the trimming unit can be intelligently switched on, without having to empty the machine for the set-up procedure. All capacities are therefore utilized to the fullest.

The air cushion table ensures that even heavy workpieces can be positioned in the machine easily and ergonomically. This allows the operator to concentrate on feeding the workpieces in parallel regardless of their size and weight.

The workpiece pull-in device also provides additional support for the operator. The feed rollers, aligned at an angle of 3 degrees, press the workpiece into the run-in linear guide precisely, ensuring optimal workpiece alignment. The small part feed also allows small and narrow workpieces to be introduced into the machine while ensuring a perfect 90 degree angle at all times. The small part feed guides the workpiece completely until it is taken over by the machine, at which time it automatically returns to the operator.

The LUMINA 4.0 Edition offers customers from craft shops and industrial production an efficient partner for easy integration into the HOLZ-HER Automation PRO concept.

Premiere in upper middle class:  Multi-function milling technology – highly efficient and affordable

Customers are continuously demanding more customization and material variety. Multiple profile technology is essential for modern carpentry shops to implement such demands productively and profitably.

Since the Ligna 2019 the entire HOLZ-HER SPRINT series has offered multi-functional milling technology with multiple stage tools and revolving tool magazines. This allows machining of various radiuses or applications with a 45° bevel at the touch of a button. The new SPRINT 1329 Multi reduces your setup times enormously and even allows production of small lots at any time.

On the inside, the SPRINT 1329 Multi operates with assemblies from the high-end series with play-free mechanical systems and high precision, fully digital NC servo-axes, guaranteeing precise positioning with 100% repetition accuracy. The desired profile on the diamond, multi-stage tool can be selected on the 18.5″ touch screen with wide band format. The unit then moves into position automatically. The new NC drives and play-free mechanical systems are also integrated into the dual-motor shaping cutter. The revolving tool magazine allows the shaping cutter unit to be set to a number of different profiles fully automatically. The fully automatic scraper unit performs the final machining operation. Two different profiles can be selected at the touch of a button.

Reduced setup times, exclusively excellent quality and enormous variety are natural features of this machine. The new, high performance SPRINT 1329 Multi is HOLZ-HER’s answer to providing a universal, smart edgebander.

RETURN MASTER 5920 Workpiece return for efficient one-person operation

Automation is becoming increasingly important even in smaller workshops, to ensure they remain competitive and operate profitably. The RETURN MASTER sets the stage for automated edgebanding, regardless of whether mass production or lot sizes of one. This HOLZ-HER return feature provides for efficient one-person operation for higher productivity and maximum flexibility.

The 5920 RETURN-MASTER is perfectly matched to the SPRINT, ACCURA and LUMINA series edgebanders from HOLZ-HER.

The tilting air cushion table as well as the certified safety package are absolute quality features for safe workplaces. Moreover it is easy to process special parts. The pneumatic discharge table allows even larger workpieces to be removed easily by the machine operator. Drives and guides are distinguished by their extremely long service life and exceptionally low maintenance requirements. In addition to low energy requirements, a further advantage is automatic speed adaptation. Another exceptional feature of the HOLZ-HER RETURN MASTER is its particularly heavy and stable design. With a total weight of 2 tons, the RETURN MASTER sets its own standards for endurance and process reliability. 

In many cases economical one-man operation allows the return feature to pay for itself within a very short time.