DIEFFENBACHER’s EVORIS platform won digitalisation award

Christine Kafka, marketing manager, and Jürgen Woll, vice-president Automation at DIEFFENBACHER, accepted the award for EVORIS (Image: Allianz Industrie 4.0/Stefan Schreier)

On 22 Nov 2023, at the STARTUP THE FUTURE event in Stuttgart, Germany, DIEFFENBACHER received the ‘Allianz Industrie 4.0 Award 2023 Baden-Württemberg’ in the ‘Winner’ category for its artificial intelligence (AI)-supported digitalisation solution EVORIS.

According to DIEFFENBACHER, the award honours innovative and market-relevant solutions in the field of digitalisation. Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, attended the awards ceremony.

Manufacturers in the wood-based panels and forming industries use EVORIS software to intelligently digitalise, monitor, analyse and optimise their production.

“EVORIS initially helps our customers digitalise their production across plants and independent of make and manufacturer,” explained Jürgen Woll, vice-president Automation at DIEFFENBACHER.

“Process and component data can be collected plant-wide and stored in a central location. This provides manufacturers the basis for a deep dive into production processes that was not previously possible.”

Collected data is processed in various EVORIS apps. Each app has its own functions, but combining their results provides manufacturers with a comprehensive analysis.

“Individual apps help detect anomalies in the production process, visualise data analysis and access demand-oriented reporting. Soon we will have an app for monitoring and optimising thermal and electrical energy consumption,” Woll stated.

The AI used by EVORIS apps is continuously optimised by self-learning machine-learning algorithms. AI enables ever more precise analyses and predictions in production.

The AI-supported digitalisation solution EVORIS from DIEFFENBACHER supports manufacturers in the wood-based panels and forming industries in the digitalisation, monitoring, analysis and optimisation of their production

For example, wood-based panel producers benefit from the EVORIS Quality Prediction app, which predicts quality parameters for ongoing production in real-time. “This helps manufacturers act immediately instead of having to wait for laboratory results,” Woll stated.

“The information that operators receive from the EVORIS apps allows them to make precise adjustments that lead to more efficient production. Now, plant operators have a powerful tool for more cost-efficient and sustainable production,” Woll continues.

DIEFFENBACHER collaborates with its customers to develop new and improved EVORIS apps. The company also incorporates the latest findings from its own AI research and development along with the expertise of research institutes such as Fraunhofer IOSB and the KIT wbk Institute of Production Science.

The multidisciplinary nature of the EVORIS team accelerates software development, moving DIEFFENBACHER ever closer to its goal of a self-optimising production plant, as claimed by the company.

The assessment of the expert jury of the Allianz Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg further validates EVORIS as an “outstanding” digitalisation solution for the wood-based panels and forming industries, said Christian Dieffenbacher, CEO of DIEFFENBACHER.

“We are delighted with the jury’s recognition and the award for our EVORIS solution. The award acknowledges our team’s great work and signals the value that EVORIS has for our customers and in shaping the digital future of the state of Baden-Württemberg,” he concluded.