DIEFFENBACHER to supply Starwood with MDF plant that includes Turkey’s largest continuous wood-based panel press

CPS+ continuous press at Starwood’s DIEFFENBACHER particleboard plant in İnegöl, Turkey

Starwood has commissioned DIEFFENBACHER to supply a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) line in İnegöl, Turkey, that will include a 9-ft wide by 63.5-meter long CPS+ press – the largest continuous wood-based panel press in Turkey. Just two years ago, Starwood signed the acceptance of its new DIEFFENBACHER particleboard line, one month ahead of the contractually agreed upon date.

“Collaboration is the key,” said Starwood Chief Executive Officer Hüseyin Yildiz at the contract negotiations in İnegöl in July. “That’s the motto that made our particleboard project so successful two years ago, and I trust DIEFFENBACHER that it will be the same for our new MDF line.” Following the engineering phase, installation is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2022. The first board is to be produced toward the end of the same year.

“I strongly believe in the power of teamwork with DIEFFENBACHER. It wouldn’t surprise me if we manage to be a few weeks ahead of schedule again,” added Yildiz.

In addition to Turkey’s largest continuous wood-based panel press, DIEFFENBACHER will supply the dryer, sifter and glue preparation technology, as well as the forming station and forming line. Downstream of the press, DIEFFENBACHER will deliver the press emission control system, raw board handling, STS storage system and the sanding line. DIEFFENBACHER is also responsible for the plant electrics and automation.

“As Starwood is a family-owned company, we always prefer working with family-owned companies like DIEFFENBACHER, whose owners are well qualified and keen on their core business. We enjoy cooperating with companies and people who listen, who work hard to understand the needs of their customers and who have similar values. There was a lot of compatibility between our company and the Dieffenbacher family and their company’s people. That made us choose DIEFFENBACHER again for our new MDF project,” concluded Yildiz.