Dieffenbacher to supply chipping line to Greenpanel Industries

The wood yard at Greenpanel’s production site in Routhusuramala, Andhra Pradesh

Indian wood panel manufacturer Greenpanel Industries has ordered from Dieffenbacher a MAIER chipping line for a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) plant to be installed in Routhusuramala, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Scheduled to begin operating in summer 2024, the Dieffenbacher MDF plant is the third ordered by Greenpanel.

Highlighting the order extension is a MAIER Drum Chipper with a rotor diameter of 1,600mm. The order also includes the drum chipper feeding line, consisting of a chain bed conveyor adapted for multiple crane feeding, a cleaning zone and a chipper belt conveyor with metal detector.

MAIER drum chipper, the core machine of the MAIER chipping line

Greenpanel will use the chipping line to process eucalyptus into high-quality wood chips for MDF manufacturing. The chipping line is designed to process up to 60 tonnes of bone dry wood per hour.

“Within Dieffenbacher’s complete plant portfolio, MAIER machines cover the wood yard and size-reduction process steps,” explained Alexander Hoffmann, managing director of Dieffenbacher subsidiary B. Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik in Bielefeld, Germany.

“One of our core competencies is the design, construction and supply of complete chipping lines based on drum chippers with rotor diameters of up to 2,400mm.”

“It is great that we can get everything for our new plant from a single source at Dieffenbacher,” said Shobhan Mittal, managing director and CEO of Greenpanel.

“As part of our new complete Dieffenbacher line, the MAIER wood yard technology will help us meet the growing demand for the highest quality MDF in India.”

Hoffmann concluded: “This is the second MAIER chipping line we will deliver to India within just two years. The first one is currently installed at Merino Industries’ new particleboard production site in Halol, Gujarat.”

Images: Dieffenbacher