Dieffenbacher Supplies CPS+ to Placas do Brasil

Placas do Brasil has ordered a THDF/MDF plant from Dieffenbacher. The new plant is expected to have an annual capacity of 300,000 m³ and is scheduled to begin production at the end of 2017/early 2018. The order includes the complete process from fibre drying to the finishing line, with a new CPS+ press as the key component.

The plant’s front end includes the fibre dryer and sifter, a PROjet gluing system, a forming station and a forming line complete with pre-press and Formator M. Formator M is a combination of a segmented scalper and a Dieffensor. This combination creates extremely precise matt weight tolerances. The 33m CPS+ press will produce boards with a width of up to 2750mm and a thickness of 2.5 – 40 mm.

For the finishing line area, the order also includes a raw-board handling system with a diagonal saw, a board cooler, a billet stacking system, a raw-board storage system, a sanding line with trimming and splitting saw.

Additionally, there are plans to retrofit an EVOjet M dry resin blending system. The EVOjet M can achieve glue savings of up to 25% compared to a conventional blow line. The CPS+ is also designed for an extension up to 39m.

The project is an initiative of SINDIMOL (Sindicato da Indústria de Madeira e Móveis de Linhares e Norte do Espírito Santo — the Wood and Furniture Industry Association of Linhares and Norte do Espírito Santo), which aims to establish a cost-effective MDF plant in the region to help members become more competitive. The project also includes an 18,000-ha eucalyptus forest, ensuring a supply of wood for the MDF plant. Placas do Brasil, which was established for the purpose of operating the plant, involves approximately 40 companies from fields including the furniture industry and the forestry sector. Linhares is home to Brazil’s sixth largest concentration of companies involved in the furniture industry.

Since introducing the CPS+ press in May 2015, Dieffenbacher has sold seven of the systems.  More orders are expected in the near future.