DIEFFENBACHER supplies CEBRO MDF plant to Thai panel producer

The CPS+ continuous press, the centerpiece of the new DIEFFENBACHER MDF plant for Wisewoods in Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi, Thailand, is currently under construction (Image: DIEFFENBACHER)

Thai MDF producer Wisewoods has commissioned DIEFFENBACHER to supply a CEBRO MDF plant to expand its production capacity at the company’s headquarters in Khao Yoi in the province of Phetchaburi. Plant assembly has been underway since January 2024, with the first board production scheduled for Q3.

In keeping with DIEFFENBACHER’s CEBRO smart plant concept, the new plant will use Z-Sifter technology and the PROjet glue-saving system to help Wisewoods achieve operational excellence, one of CEBRO’s four pillars.

Wisewoods exclusively uses rubberwood fibres as the raw material for its MDF boards. “Before processing rubberwood, it is important that the latex components are eliminated from the raw material,” said Visarut Palarit, deputy director at Wisewoods. “The unique Z-Sifter technology was a key reason we chose DIEFFENBACHER for our new MDF plant.”

Holger Ries, area sales director at DIEFFENBACHER, explained: “The many Z-shaped sifting stages of the DIEFFENBACHER Z-Sifter provide a sharp separation line, making the separation of lighter rubberwood particles possible. With its high sifting efficiency and low power consumption due to the proven airflow management system, the Z-Sifter is South East Asia companies’ first choice of latex removal technology.

“The Z-Sifter also efficiently eliminates other contaminants such as wood residues, glue lumps, fibre deposits, minerals and metals from the fibre flow. This ensures high-quality board surfaces and protects downstream machinery from damage, especially when producing thin board.”

PROjet is an MDF blow-line gluing system that delivers resin savings of up to 15% compared to conventional blow-line technology. It is applicable for both urea-formaldehyde (UF) and melamine-UF (MUF) resin. With PROjet, MDF manufacturers can produce board surfaces with fewer resin spots.

DIEFFENBACHER will also supply Wisewoods with the glue preparation and dosing system, the forming station and forming line, a CPS+ continuous press and the raw board handling system. The contract with Wisewoods also includes plant electrics and automation.