Dieffenbacher sells fifth CPS+ in Thailand to Kijchai

Kijchai MDF plant in Rayong

Thai company Kijchai is expanding production capacity with new THDF plant. The featured CPS+ is Dieffenbacher’s fifth sale in Thailand in two years.

Thai company S. Kijchai Enterprise PCL in Rayong—approximately 200km southeast of Bangkok—has produced MDF boards from a Dieffenbacher plant for the past five years. The company is now expanding its production capacity and adding THDF boards to its product portfolio.

“Due to our positive experiences with our MDF plant, we have chosen Dieffenbacher as the supplier for this new project, too. The CPS+ will allow us to produce boards at speeds of up to 1,800 mm/s,” Vichai Sangwongkit, managing director of Kijchai, said during the signing of the contract.

This new order is the fifth CPS+ sold in Thailand in just two years. In addition to the 28m long continuous press, the scope of supply includes the dryer, Z-sifter, forming station, Dieffensor, triple diagonal saw and raw board handling, along with a storage system. 

Kijchai will produce 1 – 32 mm thick boards made from rubber wood.

The new THDF plant enables the company, which has more than 30 years of experience in wood-based panel manufacturing, to more than double its production capacity. This will strengthen its position as one of the leading manufacturers of MDF in Thailand.