Dieffenbacher ramps up Martco Corrigan OSB multi-opening plant in Texas, USA

When contracts were signed in early 2015, it was the first big greenfield project in the North American wood-based panel industry in 10 years. Now, Martco’s new OSB plant in Corrigan, Texas, is up and running with the first 14 boards produced on April 24.

In addition to the 12×26 ft multi-opening press, Dieffenbacher also delivered the 4-head forming station and the Flexoplan® forming line. Together with a press line in Oakdale, Louisiana, commissioned in 2006, Martco now operates two OSB multi-opening plants from Dieffenbacher. The new plant in Texas is designed to produce 750,000 m³ OSB per year.

First press-load on the Dieffenbacher multi-opening press at Martco Corrigan OSB plant in Texas, USA.

Dieffenbacher multi-opening press (14 openings) at Martco Corrigan OSB plant in Texas, USA.