Dieffenbacher offers solution to recycled wood for PB production

Pfleiderer particleboard plant, Neumarkt

Using recycled wood for particleboard production is challenging, including fluctuations in the type of contamination, quality, size and moisture content of the furnish.

Pfleiderer in Neumarkt overcomes these challenges with a screen and sifter technology and a sensor-based X-ray sorting process from Dieffenbacher. 

The Dieffenbacher solution provides greater reliability to correct the unavoidable fluctuations in the furnish material and the inherent wide mix of impurities, further optimising subsequent flake preparation. Thanks to efficient cleaning, the complete material flow can be prepared using known flake technology. Particularly in the preparation of fine materials, emphasis is placed on minimising wood losses while achieving the required degree of cleanliness in all particle sizes. The concept has also been successful in removing a high proportion of unwanted MDF fibres from the waste wood flow, which has increased plant availability in subsequent processes as well.

When it comes to the secondary size reduction of oversized pieces, Dieffenbacher uses a size reduction system that cuts at a slow speed. In addition to the low specific electricity consumption, the technology is such that only a minimal level of dust is generated by the size reduction. The system operates continuously and has been designed by Dieffenbacher so that it can be integrated into the existing Pfleiderer plant structure very efficiently.

After commissioning of the plant, which is planned for January 2018, Pfleiderer will be able to significantly increase the proportion of recycled wood in the production of particleboard while retaining the same high level of panel quality.