Dieffenbacher hits a new milestone with its new press CPS

17 months after Dieffenbacher unveiled the new continuous CPS+ press at LIGNA 2015, the first plant with CPS+ press has been successfully put into operation. After a seven-month assembly period, the first board was produced on October 1, 2016 at Kronospan’s new particleboard plant in Bjelovar, Croatia.

Kronospan is an international company that manufactures and distributes wood-based panels

“The process of commissioning the first CPS+ was absolutely seamless,” said Bernd Bielfeldt, Dieffenbacher head of Wood Business Unit. Two weeks after the first board production, Koronospan increased production to three shifts, citing the reliability of its CPS+ press.

The wood-based panels manufacturer also said it is extremely satisfied with the project, adding that the joint approach to project processing has proven to be reliable. It was not apparent either in the planning phase or installation phase that this was the first project involving a CPS+.

Dieffenbacher began the development of new generation of presses in 2014 with an ambitious goal to improve the thickness tolerance of manufactured boards. Due to the modular frame with its new arrangement of press cylinders, the CPS+ ensures an even distribution of pressure when pressing the board. Hence, providing consistent high product quality and low raw material consumption.

“We are confident that Kronospan and other customers will benefit from the advanced CPS+ technology,” explained Bielfeldt. For instance, the new thermoactivated roll plates ensure that the mats can be heated at an earlier stage. The CPS+ Press also offers improved accessibility for servicing, and its clear distinction between the supply side and the maintenance side enables faster and more convenient press maintenance.

In addition, the CPS+ has all the advantages of the original CPS model including the variable double joint press infeed, thermal expansion of the frames—which allow product changeover on the fly without interruptions—and the Parallel Press Gap System (PPS), which stops the mat “breathing out” between the cylinder banks.

Dieffenbacher has sold 11 plants featuring the new CPS+ press with two other CPS+ project commissions in Thailand taking place in the first half of 2017.