Dieffenbacher encourages and nurtures young talent in the industry

Eleven trainees and students have started their training with Dieffenbacher

On Monday, September 3rd 2018, six trainees, four cooperative students and one dual student started their training at Dieffenbacher. Axel Dieffenbacher, member of the Dieffenbacher family, and the team of Dr Ralph Weber, Head of Human Resources, welcomed the new training cohorts at the Dieffenbacher Group headquarters in Eppingen, Baden-Württember, Germany.

In the coming years, the next generation of employees at the machine and plant manufacturer will complete the Dieffenbacher training programme and become experts in fields such as electronics, industrial mechanics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Dieffenbacher is offering the new trainees an extensive programme during their introductory week to ensure a perfect start to their training. In addition to a tour of the company, product training and seminars on topics such as occupational safety, time has been allotted for the trainees to get to know the trainers as well as other trainees.

After a two-day introduction to the Dieffenbacher company, the group will travel to a team workshop in Althütte in the Rems-Murr district for the following days. They will be accompanied by trainers Nicola Bräumer, Matthias Höfle and Hauke Schmidt. During the workshop, the new trainees will undertake various team-building exercises, including an orienteering run through the neighbouring forest and various group work activities designed to strengthen team spirit. In addition, the young people will learn to rely on each other.

After the introductory week, the training programme for Dieffenbacher trainees will be specially tailored to the chosen training occupation or course of study.

This is made up of several modules over the duration of the programme. First, trainees will be taught theoretical subjects at the vocational school or college. Secondly, they will receive practical training at the Dieffenbacher Training Centre or in the specialist departments. During their training, the young people will take part in a variety of internal training courses and workshops. These include participating in a business simulation exercise, seminars on the topics of project management and presentation technology as well as monthly lessons about the company itself. 

As a highlight of the training programme, Dieffenbacher also gives trainees the opportunity to spend several weeks abroad. The young employees will get to know one of the foreign production, sales or service sites or support an assembly team during the installation of a Dieffenbacher plant. This will allow them to gain practical work experience abroad in parallel with their training or studies and to get to know other working cultures and mentalities.

Constantin Mozer, a mechanical engineering cooperative student at Dieffenbacher, spent five weeks abroad with a customer in Thailand in August 2018. During this time, he supported two Dieffenbacher teams on various construction sites and facilities in the south of the country.

“In this short time I experienced, saw and learned an incredible amount. I was impressed by the enormous dimensions and complexity of the Dieffenbacher plants, the extensive rubber tree plantations and the diverse Thai cuisine,” He enthused about the experience. “It is amazing what logistical work is required so that we could actually find and assign all the required parts during assembly of the Dieffenbacher plant.”