Deutsche Messe: Expect furniture giants and software titans at LIGNA conference 2016

The first ever LIGNA conference will address the growing importance of new business processes and digital revolution for development, production and distribution. It will also demonstrate how companies have embraced the Industry 4.0 initiative in Germany and successfully restructured their production processes.

“An integrated approach to woodworking production opens up exciting new prospects for the sector. We will demonstrate that Industry 4.0 has already moved well beyond the visionary stage,” said Christian Pfeiffer, Director of LIGNA at Deutsche Messe.

The conference, Integrated manufacturing in the woodworking industries – the woodworking community on its way to Industry 4.0, will be held from May 3 to 4 at the Robotation Academy in Hannover, Germany.

The first keynote will be given by Timothy Kaufmann, Business Development Internet of Things, SAP Deutschland, followed by Markus Kuhbach, Wood Division Director at Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, and then Per Berggren, Manager Industrial Strategies, IKEA Industry. A networking event at the end of the day will give everyone opportunities to get acquainted and share ideas and expertise.

The next day will begin with a keynote address by Olaf Katzer, Head of International Training and Career Development at Volkswagen AG. The afternoon will feature other presentations, lectures and panel discussions with reference to the furniture industry, the wholesale trade, the automobile and caravan industries, information systems/IT, automation technology, mechanical engineering and science/technology. As the conference is expected to attract many non-German speaking visitors, interpreters will be on hand to translate the proceedings from the German into English.


Image: Deutsche Messe

Source: Deutsche Messe/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia