Designed for moisture-prone rooms – New laminate floors conquer kitchens and bathrooms

Laminate flooring suitable for rooms exposed to moisture: combining top quality design with excellent performance characteristics. Image: Classen.

Laminate for the kitchen or bathroom – really? Opinion used to be divided on this, but not anymore, because innovative product development has meant that laminate can now be applied in rooms that have high humidity.

What makes this possible is their special moisture protection features which prevents swelling. High-density HDF core boards with a high level of hardness; impregnation of the top layer and edges of the laminate planks offers much better resistance to splashes, spills and moisture; they also have very good non-slip surface properties; and the innovative click connection system makes installing the floor easier and more straightforward and ensures tightly-sealed joints.

Laminate is also easy to look after, durable and versatile for design. Alongside attractive ceramic, stone and concrete decors, the multitude of realistic wood reproductions are becoming ever more popular. Laminate now makes it possible to bring fashionable wood effects into a bathroom setting.

Installation instructions

The installation instructions provided by the laminate manufacturers give important information on how to lay the planks correctly. For example, areas connecting with components such as skirting boards, profiles strips or pipes must be sealed with silicone so that water cannot penetrate underneath the laminate flooring. And where structural components pass up through the floor, a sufficient expansion gap should be left. Simply because of the risk of slipping, it is important in rooms subject to splashes and spills not to leave puddles on the floor for any length of time, but to wipe them up immediately.

Fashionable wood effects now also for bathrooms: the specially impregnated laminate planks are water repellent. Image: Balterio, premium brand by UNILIN.

Laminate floors made in Europe are manufactured using state-of-the-art production and print technology and are constantly undergoing further development. Each new generation of laminate has extra functionality and valuable additional product features which allow its versatile use in the residential and commercial sectors. They are also certified as environmentally-friendly, low-emission products that comply with strict environmental requirements. In terms of quality and innovation, these high-tech products manufactured in Europe continue to set the course for laminate markets around the world.