Derome acquires construction trade Woody Anderstorp in Sweden

Derome, Sweden’s largest family-owned timber company, has acquired Woody Anderstorp and will join the construction trade on January 1, 2020. This acquisition marks the starting point for Derome’s investment in Småland, and follows a rapid geographical expansion along the entire coast from Bohuslän to Blekinge.

Derome will expand the construction trade in hardware and also increase the number of employees to provide specialist expertise in various product areas.

Johan Winroth, CEO of Derome Byggvaror & Träteknik, said, “Our goal is for the construction trade in Anderstorp to grow and we will also evaluate the opportunity to establish ourselves in more locations. Smaland with its strong market is interesting for Derome. We are already a major supplier of roof trusses in the region and buy forest raw material from here to our sawmill in Kinnared. Therefore, it is natural for us to also establish construction and hardware trade in the region.”

Woody Anderstorp is considered an interesting acquisition for Derome due to its geographical location and the company’s competence, focus and culture. The company was founded in 2012 by by Per Enocson, Victor Svensson and Junic AB, with a strong focus on customer service and quality products.

Said Winroth, “Anderstorp is a fine company, and the owners run it with the same values as Derome. They are down-to-earth and of high quality, focus on professional customers, and see it as their main task to simplify customers’ everyday lives.”

Per Enocson and Victor Svensson, who have been developing and operating Woody Anderstorp since 2012, say they are looking forward to running the business under Derome’s management.

Enocson said, “This is positive for our employees and customers. Both Victor and Svensson and I look forward to working and becoming part of Derome, which is a family business with strong decision paths and development focus. They have the industry’s best customer concept and logistics, which now benefits the customers.”