Danzer releases new first health product declaration for technical veneers

Danzer Vinterio Rustic

A new Health Product DeclarationTM (HPD) for Danzer’s Vinterio range of sliced wood surfaces gives assurance that these products can be used safely. HPDs report the materials and ingredients content of a building product and the associated health effects. 


The HPDTM gives full disclosure of health impacts associated with a product. It confirms that Vinterio contains no hazardous ingredients.

“Danzer products are made from sustainable wood; we continually work with our supply chain to reduce any impacts associated with pigments and glues. The natural wood and the glue’s composition have now been disclosed. This will make it easier for our customers to make well-informed decisions”, said Eckart Schmitt, CEO of Danzer’s Specialty Division.

The idea of the Health Product DeclarationTM came about in 2010. Since the project’s realisation in 2012, a wide range of goods has completed HPDs in support of product transparency. The HPDTM is beneficial to consumers who want to understand potential health impacts associated with material ingredients.

Schmitt added, “We are continuously monitoring our processes and optimising our technology. In the future more of Danzer’s products will complete HPDs. Last year, we published an Environmental Product Declaration for Danzer Veneers. A Health Product Declaration for the Danzer Linea will soon complement this effort.” 


Image: Danzer

Source: Danzer/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia